MIX Hockey (MX5) Venom Ice Hockey Stick - (intermediate)

Mix Hockey

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Mix (MX5) ice Hockey Stick


Ice Hockey Stick

100% Carbon
Responsive Pro Feel
Grip Finish
Easy Load Taper
Optimal Balance
57" Length

This blade offers a large sweet spot, great stick control, crisp passing and superior accuracy. The neutral face angle provides incredible back hands and allows for great puck reception. This curve provides hard and accurate slap shot placement.
Curve Type: Mid
Curve Depth: 1/2"
Face Angle: Neutral

Blade: HH92
Ideal for stick handling in tight spots or for clean toe pulls. This open toe curve excels in technical sniping, especially for going top shelf. The higher lie is better for a more upright stance and brings the blade in closer to the player's body.

Curve:Toe 1/2
Lie: 6

Blade: HH88
Traditional mid curve, that helps cradle the puck, and great for puck handling. Excels in wrist and snap shots, and not bad on the backhand. Good all around blade.
Curve: Mid 1/2
Face: Straight
Toe: Round
Lie: 6

*Note: Many more curve, flex and kick point options available. Message us for special requests.

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