Vaughn Carbon Elite Pro Cat Eye Goalie Mask Senior
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The Vaughn Carbon Elite Pro Cat Eye Goal Mask is a fully hand crafted mask that is extremely lightweight despite having heavily reinforced construction that creates professional level protection. The Carbon Elite mask uses a carbon fiber construction and titanium cage to maximize the protection without adding weight, which is very important for reducing neck fatigue and injury.

The Carbon Elite Pro Cat Eye mask has a carbon fiber outer shell that is reinforced with aramid fibers to give it added strength while maintaining its ultra lightweight design. The shell is compression molded under heat to increase strength and keep the shell dimensions even. The shell shape is designed to move impact loads away from the frontal impact areas, limiting damage caused from direct hits. The interior of the helmet is triple layered with foam, providing great protection and comfort throughout. The padding around the cheek area is made with EVA foam that is tapered to provide a precise fit.

The cage on the Carbon Elite Pro goalie mask is made with a superior titanium material to reduce weight and maximize strength. The cage design has been optimized providing true vision sight lines by precise positioning of the cage bars achieving optimum clarity. The chin cup has a dual velcro strap adjustment and the backplate has a five point adjustable harness, ensuring the proper fit.

The Carbon Elite Pro Cat Eye goal mask is a professional quality mask designed by a company devoted specifically to goaltending. Concussion protection is essential, making this mask an excellent choice for a goaltender at any level that values preserving their mental faculties.

  • Model Number: VMPROCAR
  • Heritage: New
  • Level of play: (Senior)
    • Roller: Advanced -> Professional
    • Ice: Advanced -> Professional

*The Carbon Elite Pro Cat Eye Goalie Mask is not HECC certified, therefore it cannot be used for leagues requiring HECC certification.


Mask Size Hat Size Head Size/inches Circumference (mm)
Small 6 1/2 to 6 3/4 20.12" to 21.25" 521mm to 540mm
Medium 6 3/4 to 7 1/4 21.25" to 22.75" 540mm to 578mm
Large 7 1/4 to 7/8 22.75" to 24.50" 578mm to 635mm



  • Item #: Vaughn/CEPro/MaskSr

Vaughn Carbon Elite Pro Cat Eye Goalie Mask Senior

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