Hagan MX-7 Goalie Sneakers
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It took a while but we finally found a shoe perfect for Dek & Ball Hockey goalies.  These shoes allow you several options when threading pad straps and toe ties through the shoe sole area.  This shoe offers multiple options and allows multiple straps to be threaded through the sole, especially helpful if your pads have both a heal and toe strap. 

We tested these shoes out in competitive game play and they did very well.  The shoes really help pull the pad down over the foot and keep goalie pads firmly in place.  They help tremendously with overall goalie form, ensuring the goalie pads fold up nicely when in the butterfly position.  These shoes are designed for running but the sole makes them great for goal tenders. They do not have any toe padding or protection but they do pull the boot of the goalie pad over your foot, therefore providing protection during game play. 

We are taking orders for this shoe.  This shoe comes from overseas and can take up to 30 days to process orders until we get more shoes in stock.  Shoes in stock will ship within 1-2 business days. 


*Note: This ship direct from our factory. 12-20 day processing. 

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Hagan MX-7 Goalie Sneakers

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