Vaughn 7500 CC Certified Cat Eye Bar Mask Senior - Skull
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Skull Decals

The VM 7500 CC model features the same design and construction as our VM 7500 but with the certified Cat eye styled cage

The VM 7500 SB goal mask is designed and engineered to create optimal visibility. The recessed cage area moves the cage closer to the eyes which improves vision and gives wider sight lines. Anatomically designed for optimal fit and performance with raised mold lines that reduces flat spots for superior puck deflection to lessen impacts. High impact shell is constructed in special high strength Lexan material that is custom engineered for greater impact resistance. The shell is engineered with precisely located ridge lines that add strength and reduce shell flex under high impacts. The jaw area is profiled with a flared lower short chin to give superior downward visibility and allows the mask to be fitted closer to the face for improved visibility. The chin design allows the mask to be tucked in tight to the chest to provide more protection and allows for added adjustment to the chin cup for a more custom fit. Large air vent holes and face opening are designed to provide maximum ventilation to reduce heat build up. The cage is constructed entirely of low luster stainless steel for added durability and reduced glare for optimal visibility. High density pro style vinyl nitrile foam liner provides durability and is low water absorbing to provide light weight and comfort.

• Available in standard colors. White, Black, Red, Navy
• Adult sizes. S, STD, and Junior
• Available in graphics as shown
• Available with straight bar cage and certified

Mask Size Hat Size Head Size/inches Circumference (mm)
Small 6 1/2 to 6 3/4 20.12" to 21.25" 521mm to 540mm
Medium 6 3/4 to 7 1/4 21.25" to 22.75" 540mm to 578mm
Large 7 1/4 to 7/8 22.75" to 24.50" 578mm to 635mm


  • Item #: Vaughn/7500CertCC/MaskSrSK

Vaughn 7500 CC Certified Cat Eye Bar Mask Senior - Skull

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